An effective discovery is the key to e-commerce project success

Effective Discovery

An effective discovery is the key to e-commerce project success

An effective SOLUTION DISCOVERY is the answer to an all-important subject falling around the success criteria of the digital transformation.

The success can be accounted at two levels. An enterprise’s success who is looking for a digital transformation is defined on what brand experience they present to the customer based on the business vertical and model which in turn will drive the conversation and sales. Whereas, the other factor is, optimising the operational workflows that best suits the system landscape, which leads to effective sales and both of these factors should be hand in hand with good ROI.

On the other hand, the success of a digital agency which is enablement perter for the business in this journey of making the digital footprint. Our success (which is our clientele’s success) is defined as how the KPIs are met that are set for a particular project engagement and client satisfaction (a very important goal) with stipulated budget. The KPIs are different for different businesses and nature of the project. To name a few – For some businesses the time to market is crucial, for some the preservation of the data in the migration process, the integration between the system becomes the key in some cases, makeover of the user experience and uplifting the performance is vital for some. All this become important for delivery matrix.

What is discovery?

The definition may differ from agency to agency, and it is the ever-evolving process.
Through our 15 years of experience is the e-commerce ecosystem, this is our definition.
Solution is discovery is a collaborative exercise to VALIDATE IDEAS & PRIORITISE THE ROADMAP. It helps partners to deliver the right solution in a most structured manner. This is the blueprinting phase.

The ultimate by-product of successful discovery is to establish clear and measurable goals in lines to business priority and define key success measures upon which the extent of achievement can be judged.

To interrelate both the points to support our notion; we have –
Taller the building is more important the blueprint becomes.

  • Solution discovery clearly defines the KPIs, which is the must if you want a measurable outcome
  • Budget can be planned, and implementation can be phased accordingly
  • The risks are reduced
  • It highly increases the effectiveness of the development phase through improved sprint planning and helps in moderating any sort of creeps during the course of development & delivery
  • We have a clear view of the dependencies that can be tackled properly without losing time
  • Build quality including underlying codebase is more optimised as the redundancy is decreased
  • TECHNICAL Proofing is another facet of idea validation which is achieved through discovery

The solution discovery is must if you are taking the first step towards the digitisation, or you have significant digital foundation and looking to re-platform/upgrade or even migrate it. The reason being to avoid any expensive mistake which can hamper your ROI.

Adding on to this – the cost of solution discovery is roughly around 5-7% of the total project fees. If the whole roadmap is being created, then it is worth investing on.

We at FLEDGE, SOLUTION DISCOVERY is the crucial part of our process to make a difference with our recommendations, evaluations and add value to your business.

We offer only Solution Discovery also with no further obligation. Contact Us to know more.

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