Build a closer relationship with your Customers

Build a closer relationship with your Customers

The Importance

Let’s start with a very universal notion, businesses across various verticals have witnessed a better growth when they were able to achieve repetitive conversations from existing customers. The reason is pretty obvious, the investment done to get a conversion from a new customer is far more when compared to the existing customer making their subsequent purchase. By getting repetitive orders from an existing customer, one can achieve higher ROI.

Not only a larger average lifetime value can be achieved through retaining the customer, but they can also be your biggest promoter too. Nothing beats a good old “mouth-to-mouth” marketing even in the age of social media.

The Understanding

The Science of building a relationship with the customers –

Biology: Understanding the customer behaviour and wishes
Today’s customer is easier to reach as they are everywhere, difficult to engage and even harder to convert as they have plethora of options. The stakes are higher in a race to find the right consumer in the right place and offer them the right things. This topic is for the next time, but definitely a contributing factor in our conversation. Segmenting the customer based on their profile, geography, preference, browsing history and transactional data can be leveraged strategically to foster better brand experience.

Chemistry: Establishing the brand connectivity with customer’s sentiments
Stirring customers’ sentiment and connecting them emotionally with your brand can yield most loyal of the customers and your brand ambassadors. This has been working for the diverse and biggest brands of the world and equally impactful for local regional brands and growing players.

Physics: Tapping customer’s action in every step
People don’t remember the words you said but what you made them feel. Translating this statement in our context. User don’t remember what product they bought or browsed; they remember the experience you imprinted. Bring on the personalised information laced touches at various interaction pre and post purchase.

The Art of Customer Service
A game changer in the competition. Just like real life relationships, people are drawn to someone who listens.
Listen to your customers – the appreciations, the criticism and the queries.
Mould the team that will be interacting with the users to be positive and supportive. Though you cannot help them, show that you care. Be prompt, user should not feel ignored. Be available even if the outcome of the interaction is not favourable. This is all about how you ensure definite rectification of the negative experience that might reduce further damaging repercussion.

The Ways

Exploring some of the most potent ways to achieve customer retention –

  • Communication: Be it via email, text message, notification, on-screen messages, live chats and even via old-school style mail. Keep the customer informed.
  • Continuity in sales: Through loyalty and rewards along with digital wallets to evoke your customer for having another interaction with your brand.
  • Reaching out for feedbacks: Encourage users to submit the feedback after a purchase. This not only provide you ways to improve, but it shows that you care. Offer reward points in exchange for reviews.
  • Stirring up the dormant: Prepare the strategy to timely reach out to the customer who haven’t purchased from you.
  • Consistency: Building up a brand value is to be consistent throughout the customer journey and various touch points across multiple channels.

An Add-On

The digital commerce was never a straight road. There are myriads of facets have emerged in recent times when visualise it holistically. While customer retention focuses on driving conversions from the existing customer, there is a secondary element to this and that is customer engagement.

Embarking right customer engagement strategies in digital commerce ventures has become vital upon keenly observing the buyers. The buyers are getting more and more informed, they are doing extensive market research before making a purchase. Give them a reason to visit you every time they have a thought of a products or services.

A single interaction or first purchase from your target audience is sufficient to build a good relationship with them, and honestly you only get a couple of chances to do that.
Therefore, leaving a positive footprint about your brand – first time and every time becomes key to the successful digital commerce journey.

Look for more advance option like aligning your backend operations by aggregating all of your customer data and unify your customer relationship management.

At Fledge Digital, our philosophy revolves around having unique strategy focusing each vertical and models. We offer seamless integration with various backend systems ranging from ERP, CRM, POS to elevate your operation and data.

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