Fading Curves Between B2C

Fading curves between B2B & B2C

Observing the data from the past few years, it’s quite evident that the traditional B2B is very rapidly adapting the digital ways. And not only this, the existing physiognomy of the B2B is undergoing a facelift, and it is finding normalcy with the B2C space.

How the B2B landscape is changing?

  • Expanding global reach – The operating regions under businesses are increasing and covering wider geography
  • Demand in agility of the operations – The businesses are in dire need of adapting quickly to the varied customer persona that they are targeting and the geographical needs.
  • Increase in purchase touchpoints – The buyers are everywhere. Evaluating the evolution in this aspect, we see that for B2B buyers the purchase touch point started with sales-rep in earliest of time then expand to e-commerce the marketplaces and more recent preferred medium is mobile.

Who is driving this change?

The next gen buyers and the sellers

The rapid increase in market options gave rise to the filtration needs. How do you decide on a service/product? The ultimate answer to this, in current preference, is experience. The buyers prefer the better experience. A good experience can be viewed as a major trust building factor. The buyers are ready to spend more if they trust the seller.

To adapt to the buyer’s need, the seller should act. Presenting the most suited content which includes various types of content, graphics, products, offers to the customer made major impacts in building experience for the consumer in B2C space. Personalised experience is the synonym to the better experience. Why not utilise this to fill the gap arising in B2B.

Slowly fading are the days when online B2B e-commerce had 50% of the operational life cycle happening offline. Buyers wants their purchase to be more manageable and streamlined as the procurement are taking place in bigger and more number of teams.

The next-gen sellers are looking for efficient and cost saving solutions. The other side of the coin is that the digital customer portal needs to be for every audience, which becomes rather tedious in B2B space as the individual consumers may be peculiar than rest which in turn give rise to a complex system. This is contrary to the B2C space, where the average preference and requirement tends to be common. The ability to strike balance is becoming crucial.

Changing dynamics of the world

The recent times have compelled the businesses to look beyond their current workings and to explore more ways to undertake digital operations across the world in a swifter manner.

B2C to the rescue

  • Personalisation with respect to customer segment
  • Engaging shoppable content
  • Recurring subscription-based ordering
  • More seamless and complete ordering process
  • Search and navigation
  • Promotional deals for B2B customers who especially is being serviced at base pricing tier
  • Setting relationships

These features which are focal B2C, found their way in B2B and in-fact they turned out vital in offering consumer style e-commerce experience. Indeed, they are a key component to the B2B enterprise success.

– Businesses are looking for the hybrid platform that can suffice the needs of B2B and B2C

– More modern platform and infrastructures that can support the varying pattern and progressive workload.

– Businesses should adapt the business models cross over that best suits their user’s needs.

– Not only technology but the operations need to scalable and flexible:

  • Faster time to market
  • Fine crafted mobile experience
  • Catalog content and management
  • Leveraging social media for better visibility

Adding more to this pretext, we should highlight a newer transit in the trend. The users preferring to buy directly from the manufacturer. This is mostly due to the trust factor and the accessibility. This is the fact for both B2B and B2C users. D2C is emerging. The emerging terminology BUSINESS to EVERYONE is attaining new relevancy heights, it is becoming the future. These primary business models are losing their borders.

Does this mean it’s completely gone? Absolutely not, neither it will. Learn how to fade these lines from experts

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