Your Ascent Partner, transforming ideas into deliverable stories !

Born from the minds of strategic thinkers, we shape the e-commerce vision into clickable reality by bridging the gap between businesses and consumer expectations.

DISCOVER The possibilities.

DEFINE The roadmap.

Deliver the quality.

Fleage Digital About

Fleage Digital About

Perfect Blend of Digital + Commerce

We have witnessed the transition of E-Commerce from apprehension to necessity. We have been yielding the knowledge and evolving our craft which is evident in our solutions delivered.

With our experience of more than 15 years in planning, building and expanding digital commerce, our implementation processes that is refined and tested to serve the need of generating values across various focal points of the E-Commerce.

Years of Experience
E-Commerce Focused
Projects Exposure

Collabration & Success

Determination & Passion

We carry a passion of a young company to make the difference in the service industry motivates us to consistently deliver the top-quality solutions.

To be accountable partner in translating our client’s journey to eminent commerce footprint.

Face the technical challenges and business constraints that are presented along the way. We take humble pride in our problem-solving capabilities through our expertise.

Determination & Passion

Collabration & Success

Collaboration is the key. We work sharper and efficient through the constant communication with all the stakeholder involved to deliver the result which reflects the vision of each brand. We believe in building long terms partnership with our clients through transparency and mutual understanding.

We strive as the dependable arm in handling every stage of your growth orbits as the part of managed support service & development retainer kind of continuous tenure. In this way, we focus to handle all baseline aspects of your digital commerce assets to help you maximize your investment without worrying about any tech facets of your platform.

We architect customer-driveN, future ready and business focus solutions

Experience Sphere

& Design


Mobile Experience


Customer Service Application

app integration






Middleware Connectors



Adobe (Magento) Commerce


Mobile Application




Payment Framework

Loyalty and Reward

Marketing Automation

AI Driven Search

In-store Shopping

Tax Automation

We Never Stop

As a team we continually growing in terms of our technology stack and skills in order to deliver the results. Teamwork is the driver in our mission to launch the project on time and be scalable for future needs.

Want to know what it’s like to work with us?

It’s a mix of this stuff:

  • We choose our teams carefully. Our people are the secret to great work.
  • We don’t come-up with $100,000 decks. We build, test, release and repeat.
  • We have perfected our processes as the culmination of our experience.
  • The only measure of our success is the one that is translated from our clientele success
  • We believe the difference is in great experience which creates value for your customers


  • Adobe Certification

    Magento Commerce
    Business Practitioner

  • Adobe Certification

    Magento Commerce
    Cloud Developer

  • Adobe Certification

    Magento Commerce
    Front-End Developer

  • Certified Scrum Master

    Certified Scrum Master

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